Marks Duck House

***18th August***

I have always preferred Chinese food to western. For the first month in the States, I was pretty upset during meal times. Seriously the burgers, sandwiches, burritos, pizzas, kind of bored me. I was missing the fishball noodles, chicken rice, laksa, fried Beehoon, char kway teow, fried hokkien prawn noodles and the list goes on. Alright I should stop before I get really hungry and crave for all those food. Boohoo… On a happier side note, I actually lost some weight here. Perhaps I should rejoiced for that though I’m no where near my pre pregnancy weight! Heehee 😉


Papa Yap, trying to be a really sweet hubby, brought me to Mark’s Duck House at Falls church, Arlington. It was Papa Yap’s friend, Danny, who came here two years back, recommended us there. It’s approximately a 30 minutes drive from our place (and I’m referring to smooth traffic). Mark’s Duck house, owned by a Hong Konger, sells quite a wide variety of Chinese food like dim sum(my all time favorite), roast duck(well the signboard says it all), soy chicken rice, congee, dumpling noodles and many more.

Looking at the number of patrons, it sure live up to its reputation. Though mostly were Chinese customers, there were Americans who dine there too! It is definitely not of any posh or fancy restaurant. The interior looks old, very similar to those typical Hong Kong olden day style restaurant. Metal chairs with soft cushion padding seats, wooden tables and food carts pushed around. Servers talking in Hong Kong accent and Cantonese brought back those days when Papa Yap and I were holidaying in Hong Kong. Anyway I think they should consider getting a revamp for the shop. Haha 😉




Food was yummy. At least it tastes authentic like those we have back in Singapore. I think the taste is comparable to Red Star but the outlook is not that appealing. We ordered roast duck, siew mai, har kow, carrot cake, beancurd skin roll, egg tarts, pork congee and mango pudding. It was certainly one satisfying lunch and that really made my day. Thank you Papa Yap for bringing me there. Love ya! ❤







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