Baby Dyann’s first steps


It just dawned on me that I missed out a post on Baby Dyann first steps. Okie, she definitely deserves a post on that. I couldn’t exactly remember when did Darian took his very first steps therefore I really want to have Dyann’s recorded. I even saved the date for the write up but do not have the time and laptop with me.


On 25th July, a week before her first birthday, Baby Dyann took her first steps at home. While playing with her toys, she spontaneously stood up and started taking four steps forward before losing her balance. It certainly caught us by surprise. Bravo meimei! In fact she has reached this milestone earlier than her brother. Darian only started walking at about 14 month old. Papa Yap, Darian and myself were elated to witness Baby Dyann taking her first steps. Darian showed his love and support for his meimei by applauding and praising her. See he really adores his meimei! It is definitely one priceless moment seeing our girl reaching yet another milestone. Be it little or big, any achievement that our babies made is simply happiness for us. ❤


With Baby Dyann taking her first steps, it also meant that I would be extra busy watching out for her at home. As you know, bumping into things and falling down would be quite a norm while learning to walk. On a positive note, there is another reason for me to buy her more pretty shoes! Heehee 😉

Her walking progression is considerably fast. Since her magical first steps, she is always on her feet, albeit unsteadily, cruising around and exploring every corner of the house. We realise our girl is no longer a baby. She has transited from babyhood to toddlerhood. She is now officially a toddler. That’s just how fast she is growing. Love ya Dyann Yap Zi Ying! ❤




Muacks! ❤❤



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