I have been going around, searching for readers to start Darian with his reading journey. His storybooks that we sent over from Singapore along with Papa Yap’s stuff did not arrive at our doorstep. It was really frustrating, especially with the thought of spending hundreds on the two packages! Argh… Apparently they would be redirected back to Singapore and there was no way to retrieve them! Angry to max! Anyway Papa Yap will handle this. So back to the subject. Since Darian is not attending any kindergarten school here, I would want to do more reading and writing exercises with him so as to prepare him for K1 next year.

We managed to find a second hand storybooks shop nearby our place. I had chosen some simple titles for him and they looked relatively new. Most importantly the books were really cheap. The cheapest I got was a dollar, the rest was two and one at three dollars. Nice! I suppose we will be going back to the shop pretty soon! 🙂

Papa yap bought one for himself too! 🙂



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