Sunset Parade

***6th August 13***


Happy girl


Cheeky boy always 🙂

The school had organised a trip to the United States Marine Corps War Memorial aka Iwo Jima Memorial for International Students and their families. Given this opportunity, Papa Yap brought us along to watch the military ceremony. It wasn’t exactly a good day as it was raining throughout the journey from Quantico to Arlington. I was praying hard that the rain would stop as we do not have any umbrella with us and I seriously do not want the duo to be caught in the rain. Thank goodness, the rain did stop in time.


Netherlands Carillon


Symbol of friendship from Netherlands to US


Darian watching the rehearsal for the silent drill

We were directed into the spectator seats together with the invited guests. The guest of honour for the day was the Japanese Ambassador to US. This is a free event which is held only on Tuesday during the late May till August. As its name implies, Sunset Parade, the ceremony only commenced in the evening. There were also a number of people who came prepared with their chairs and mats, seated along the parade area. It was quite a serious and solemn ceremony. We watched the military marching band performance followed by a silent drill and ended with a combination of both. It was really an eye opener. Somehow I can feel how the Americans appreciate the military and hold them in high regards.


Marine Corps military band


Silent drill platoon


Us at the Iwo Jima Memorial


Papa Yap with some of his friends


EWS group photo


Papa, the duo and the man and woman in uniform! 🙂

After about an one hour ceremony, we took some photographs at the Iwo Jima Memorial before we leave. By the time we got back to school, it was already 8ish. I had prepared some snacks for the kiddos and they finished up everything in the coach. Papa Yap and I were really hungry. On our way back home, he stopped by a KFC drive through and bought dinner. We had our late dinner before settling the kids. It was a tiring evening for sure!



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