Happy 48th Birthday Singapore

***9th August***

We were invited to celebrate Singapore birthday with fellow Singaporeans at the SG Embassy in Washington D.C. Papa Yap and I agreed that this would be a good experience for us all and also meaningful to be able to celebrate this joyous occasion there. We drove up to D.C together with Feroz which is about 30 minutes drive away from our place. 🙂


Go red go!


Together with Mr Feroz!

Yes we were all wearing red top to match the occasion. Actually I had wanted to get white pants for the four of us but Papa Yap thought it was really unnecessary and a little too much. I guess it was a bad excuse for me to shop after all. Haha… It is really nice to see all those oh-so-familiar faces around. The whole event was completed with a buffet spread of Singapore food. There were chicken rice, curry, rendang, mixed vegetables, satay, pineapple tarts and many more. Oh yes I was way too delighted seeing the food! Trust me you should have seen my face! It was like beaming with happiness. Haha 🙂


Desert table


Satay was good! 😉




A SG flag Cake and cake pops


I want a cake pop too!

It was a good evening with all the good food and interactions with fellow Singaporeans around. Being surrounded with Singaporeans and eating Sg food made me feel like home. Though I have been talking about how the yummy food rules over the whole event, I was definitely glad to be given this opportunity to attend this function. At the end of the day, we brought home two fun packs and Darian sure was happy to play with the light sticks. 🙂


Kiddos playing their light sticks.


Mommy and princess!

Somehow after attending the event, I started to miss home a little. Or maybe more… People tend to think that the grass is always greener on the other side. However I feel that we should learn to appreciate what we have rather than taking things for granted. Seriously we are kind of pampered in a way or so. Having a taste of living overseas now, I really think that Singapore is still one awesome country to live in! It’s a place where we belong. I am truly proud to be a Singaporean. 🙂


Once again Happy Birthday Singapore! (Photo credits: Benjamin Lee)



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