Milk bottle no more

***July 13***


During the third week after we settled down, Darian was weaned off his milk bottle. The transition was totally easy without any fuss. How great was that! Actually it wasn’t exactly my plan to wean him off his bottle during our first month. It was simply because we couldn’t find any formula milk for ages 2 and above here. The milk range in US is rather limited unlike Singapore. You can easily find a whole shelf of different brands and types of formula milk from 0-6years old. Though I know that at his age, formula milk is not essential at all. He can jolly grow well without it since he has been eating enough food for his growth development. But being the typical kiasu mommy, I am rather upset with him not drinking anymore formula milk.


I had only brought over a 900g tin of Gain IQ. When I realised that there wasn’t any formula milk for him in the market, I started giving him some mental preparation about him weaning off his milk and bottle. I was constantly telling him and showing him the amount of milk powder left, explaining to him about the limited milk powder in US and at the same time encouraging him to drink fresh milk instead.


Still milk is important as a source of calcium intake. Thus he is drinking fresh milk two to three times a day. He doesn’t like the taste of it so I added some chocolate powder to enhance the taste. Of course he likes it. Just tell me which kid doesn’t like chocolate? Heehee 😉

It is much better now. Before bedtime, he drinks his milk, brushes his teeth, pees and off to bed. Most days he woke up with a total dry pull-up pant. Oh yes, though he is toilet trained, I still do not want to take any risk of his soiling his bed, especially now that we are all sleeping together. Seems like I can save on the training pants real soon. Anyway he hates wearing the training pant and has been pleading us not give him that! Hahaa… kids!! 🙂



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