Settling down – Accommodation

We spent three nights in an inn before shifting into our apartment because we need to get the basic furniture for the apartment. Yes the apartments here are mainly empty. Can you even imagine going around unfamiliar places sourcing for stuff with a 4 year-old and 11mth old. Gosh… Again we were lucky that Papa Yap’s friend Feroz sold us all his second-hand furniture and household items as he was going to stay in the camp instead. At the same time there were some miscellaneous stuff left behind from Papa Yap’s friend Danny. Thus this really saved us the hassle of going around sourcing for furniture with the duo and at the same time, sped up our time to settle down in Virginia. Basically the big-ticket items we bought were: sofa, dining set, 44 inch television, big shelf, coffee table, 2 small side tables, 3 lamps, bed frame and mattress, 2 high bar chair, vacuum cleaner. Along with household items, kitchen wares, tools and some random stuff.

Well these are essential enough for us to move into the apartment sooner and save up the money on the inn stay. We had settled the apartment lease on Thursday and started shifting the furniture on Friday. So my job was to handle the kiddos and do the unpacking, cleaning and washing while Papa Yap did the manual work. He carried whichever piece of furniture and boxes that he could manage, over from a storage room in another building. It was really tedious for him until he went to Walmart to purchase a push cart which really aided him in transferring the stuff over. However there were still a number of things that required an extra pair of hands and thanks to Feroz for coming over on Saturday to help us with the remaining stuff! Yes, we did manage to shift into our apartment on the fourth night! Kudos to Papa Yap and of course Feroz for lending his hands! 🙂

Our Apartment


Living hall with a fireplace


balcony with wood decking


Open concept kitchen completed with island, refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave and dishwasher. I still don’t see the need for me to use the dishwasher. I am really not that lazy. It takes about an hour to wash the dishes while I could have finished the job in like 15 minutes. So why use the dishwasher? But it is definitely useful when I decide to be lazy at times and perhaps during winter time as well.


Spacious room


Big bathroom. A long vanity with two sinks and a big bathtub.


Closet in the bathroom


Storage room outside the bathroom


Washing machine and dryer in another room.

Here are the facilities available for the residents.


Entrance to the club house and office


Fireside lounge




The other side of the lounge


Billiard table


Athletic centre – gym


Business centre. Free internet access in both PC and there is a copy and printer machine available too.


Way to the swimming pool.


Basketball court




Barbecue area with gas grill

Definitely I do have plenty of ideas to spruce up the apartment and the balcony. But it is really not necessary for me to spend such money considering that it would be just a short-term stay. Totally not practical at all. I would rather spend the money on food or shopping. Yes shopping! You know how crazy it is to be staying near an outlet mall! Haha… It’s like a paradise for women! 🙂 Anyway we are residing outside the base camp which is strategically convenient with a lot of shops and restaurants nearby us that is like 5 to 10 minute drive away. Thank you Danny for the great recommendation and help. We absolutely love the tranquillity here, the cozy apartment and neighbourhood. 🙂

Living in our simple yet cozy little apartment where we called home until next year. 🙂


Living hall with a round dining table. The carpeted flooring is certainly great for cold weather especially that the entire house is air-conditioned. It does keep our feet warm. But with the kiddos eating around the table, dropping little food crumbs here and there, spilling water. Oh I simply couldn’t stand it. We realised that the Americans has the habit of wearing shoes into the house. Well I suppose it’s their culture and of course I will not insist them to remove their shoes. So each time when the service people leave, I would start vacuuming! Haha…


TV area with next to the fireplace.


High chairs at the Island.


Our room. We decided not to fix up the bed frame and bought another mattress from IKEA. So there is plenty of sleeping space for us! 🙂


It’s really great to be sleeping with the duo. I have not try co-sleeping with Baby Dyann before. She has been sleeping on her bed since birth and at three months old, she has been sleeping together with Darian in their bedroom. So right now, I am actually enjoying sleeping next to her. heehee 😉


The duo love the oversized bathtub for sure! 😉

Alright, it is certainly going to be an enjoyable and wonderful stay for us! Awesomeness! 🙂




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