Settling down – Transportation

Vroom Vroom

Okie, it is almost impossible to go anywhere without a car here! We were fortunate that Papa Yap had bought over a car from a SAF friend who was here previously. At least we had access to the car upon reaching the school. It saved us a lot of time getting around, settling the administrative stuff for the house and getting food and necessities too! 🙂



We love our new ride. It’s a Volkswagen Tiguan! Totally cool! A car that both of us like very much but could not afford in Singapore. It was surely one good buy! Driving around in a total foreign place using a GPS is indeed very useful. Papa Yap is certainly wise to bring his GPS over and that really made navigation on the road so much easier. 🙂



I think generally US drivers have good driving etiquette. REALLY! 🙂 You can easily cut into lane without having to wait for one kind soul to give way to you. Just signal and they will slow down their car for you. At a T-junction, drivers will follow a ‘one car at a time’ pattern, taking turns to turn into their respective lane. And these set me thinking about those typical Singaporean drivers whom I had came across. Hmm… Anyway I still don’t see any possibility of me driving around. I am not used to driving on the left. I actually find it rather confusing about the street directions and traffic signals. Well I don’t see a need for me to take any unnecessary risk on the road. Especially that I am one low risk taker. and I am talking about real low! Haha… Why should I even stress myself with driving around here. Though Papa Yap has been assuring me that practices make perfect. Nah I really don’t want to! 😉



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