Jet lag

In a time zone of 12 hours difference… sleep deprived jet lagging mama handling two jet lagging kiddos… Totally not cool!

After Papa Yap settled us in the inn at about 3pm, he went out to search for his car. Before I could bathe and sleep, I had to bathe the kiddos and prepared their milk so that they could take a nap. I was very tired that I fell asleep right after shower. Anyway my plan was to catch an hour or so nap with the kiddos, go out for dinner and grab some stuff at any supermarket(like after Papa Yap returned from retrieving the car) then back to the inn for the night rest. And I suppose it was relatively a good plan as it would be easier for the kids to sleep despite the different time zone. Sounds ideal right? BUT to my horror, it was already 11pm when I woke up!!! I was exceptionally furious to see Papa Yap sleeping on the other bed! I immediately woke him up and vented my anger at him. At the same time, I was praying the kids would continue sleeping though I know it was really impossible. He explained that he wanted to give me a longer nap but he dozed off instead. Argh… Oh please Papa, aren’t you aware that you are one sleeping king?! Haha… I was really hungry as I didn’t eat much since Tuesday and in the plane too. Going out at such a time is definitely a no no for us. So I just had to bear with my growling stomach. And when the kids woke up half an hour after that, I knew it would be one long night…


Thank you Uncle Richard and Auntie Yanni! 🙂


Sweetie pie tearing the room apart! Haha 😉


Playing with his first set of toy in US! Thank you Papa! 🙂

Our mood lightened when Darian woke up and greeted Papa Yap “Good morning Papa!”. It was really hilarious that both of us burst out laughing. He was not even convinced that it was still night time until he looked out of the window. Kids! 🙂 So we watched some boring shows on TV and played with the kids until 2ish then I ‘forced’ them to sleep again. And Darian went on like “Why sleep again?” Son it’s because your mommy wants to sleep! Haha 😉 And yes they slept! So I quickly packed their stuff and prepared for the next day as we got to leave the inn at 6.15am to make our US ID. Just before I could sleep, Baby Dyann woke up again! Followed by Darian. I was mad. I was so envious seeing Papa Yap sleeping so soundly. Boohoo… I insisted Darian to get back to sleep and he really tried to. Tossing left and right, covering his face with his new plushie from Uncle Richard and Auntie Yanni. He did dozed off after quite some time. Baby Dyann was much trickier. She was fidgeting from left to right next to me. She wanted to get up but was restricted by me. My eyelids were getting heavier and heavier that I could barely keep my eyes open. The next moment I opened my eyes was when heard a ‘thump’ followed by Baby Dyann’s cries. My oh my, she actually fell from the bed and hit her forehead. Looking at the posture, she must have fallen forward and head downward. Of course Papa Yap was woken up by my ‘always so exaggerating’ tone! Haha… Anyway the height of the bed is really tall. It’s almost like three or four foam king mattresses stacked together. My heart ached at that instant and was wide awake. Seriously this is the first time my kid fell from a height. And I blamed myself for dozing off. Boohoo. Thank goodness, she was fine and there was just a faint superficial bruise on her left forehead. Anyway she stopped crying instantaneously after I carried and consoled her. Obviously if she was still in pain, she would be crying out loud. And so all of us were wide wake at 5am and left the inn at stipulated time. Haha…


Sleeping time!


Same sleeping position! Haha 😉

Somehow it seemed like the kids were able to cope with the jet lag well and their sleep got better each passing day. Or rather is it because of how I handle them? Maybe in a way or so! heehee 😉 They slept at 10ish and woke up at about 5am on their second and third night in the inn. Subsequently at our apartment, they regained their sleeping routine by Day 5. Baby Dyann slept before 9pm while Darian before 10pm and both of them wake up at about 7.30 am. Nice! Well they are actually quite adaptable. Love them so much. 🙂



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