Our first flight experience

***10th July***

I was actually very worried about how the duo were to withstand the 20hrs flight (excluding 2hrs transit in Korea) to US. For their first time, 20hrs of flying is seriously no joke. I can’t even imagine myself sitting and sleeping through the flight. (I am just one person who cannot sleep outside, unlike Papa Yap. Haha… He sleeps literally anywhere!) Let alone the kids. I was confident that the kids would be sleeping from Singapore to Korea(7hrs) though. It was way past their sleeping time. However I was totally uncertain about the second part of the flight(13hrs). Hmmm… Using all gimmicks that I could (favourite snacks, milk and toys), hoping that they would be cooperative and not make a fuss in the plane. Haha… 😉


Happy prince!


So happy with his Pororo activity book

Darian was pretty excited about his first time on a plane. He sat at a window seat, buckled up and waited excitedly for the plane to take off. When the plane turned into the runway, I gave milk to the duo so that in the process of sucking, the pressure will not hurt their ear drums. Somehow it worked! Anyway Baby Dyann fell asleep before the plane took off. YES! 😉 As soon as the plane was stable in the sky, I placed Baby Dyann in the bassinet then Darian fell asleep shortly. I did sleep for about 4hrs before Papa Yap and the kiddos woke up. Needless to say Papa Yap slept until the flight attendant served us breakfast. Heehee 😉


Papa and his princess


Baby Dyann sleeping in the bassinet


Papa Yap entertaining his princess

For the second half of the flight, Baby Dyann slept every 2 to 3hrs. Each nap consisting of forty-five min to one and a half hour was certainly good enough for me to catch a short power nap. She had always appeared restless before her naptime. And that was the cue to pat her to sleep. Other than that, she did fidget at some point of time but was still manageable. Papa Yap did walk her down the aisle twice when she got really restless. Baby Dyann is definitely one active baby who doesn’t like to be bounded in a limited space. Looking at how active she is, Baby Dyann was considerably well-behaved throughout the flight! 🙂




His favourite!

We were truly amazed at how well-behaved Darian was throughout the flight. He slept only when he was very tired. He asked for food and drinks when he was hungry and thirsty. He kept himself entertained with his toys, my IPhone, Videos and Games on-board. We were absolutely pleased with his behaviour. He was indeed well disciplined enough. Good job Darian Yap! 🙂 Oh ya Darian did experience some discomfort in his ears when we were landing in Washington. He was frantically asking why was he talking like that? He couldn’t hear properly. Should have captured his frantic looking face man! It was so funny! Bad mommy and daddy… heehee 😉


Just looked at my shagged face!

Time passed really slow in the plane while I was constantly checking the time. Hah guess the flight had tired me more than the kiddos. I was actually sleep deprived. I just couldn’t wait for the plane to land and settle down in the inn where I could bathe and sleep! Haha 😉

Amazingly we survived the 20hrs flight with the duo! Hip hip Hooray!! 🙂



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