Goodbye SG

***10th July***

Prior to our flight, many people have been asking me if I was excited about the relocation(Papa Yap is attending a course in US and he is bringing us along). And my answer is NO.  Honestly not excited at all but having plenty of mixed feelings instead. I was like having those jittery bugs in me, feeling nervous to the max. There were simply too many uncertainties.  Things got better when I constantly reminded myself to be optimistic, let nature takes it course, and not to add on any more unnecessary stress for Papa Yap. He might not be showing his stress level but seriously to handle all those administrative, financial and logistic stuff is really tedious enough.  Just got to believe that we can do it together hand in hand and I’m sure things will definitely work out. It’s going to be a long holiday for me and the kiddos! Positivity, Oh Yay! 🙂


The day arrived and my in laws came over early in the morning to help us out so that we could run some last minute errands. Our flight was at 0110, 10th July so we got to be at the airport on the 9th. My aunt came to pick us at about 8pm and I left my place with a stir of emotions. Really going to miss my home sweet home so much! Boohoo…

Many of our immediate families, relatives and friends came to send us off at the airport. For those who came, a big thank you for making the effort to come by. It was heartening to see you guys and we appreciated it very much. And to those who send their well wishes via text, thank you too! Guess all these were very much needed as a booster to keep our spirits high. See you guys next year! 🙂 Yeah all is well! 🙂

Album 3 (EOS)2

Album 3 (EOS)3

Album 3 (EOS)1

Album 3 (EOS)




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