Weekend with our families

***6th & 7th July***

We had many lunch and dinner gathering sessions with our family, relatives and friends before we leave for States. Seriously I can really feel the extra inches around my waistline! But I don’t really care! It’s that happy to be eating with all those wonderful people, knowing that you will not be seeing them for quite some time.  I just couldn’t stop eating, you know?! Heehee 😉


So Saturday was over at my in laws’ place together with my BIL’s family. My MIL had bought a lot of dishes (even Darian’s favourite fishball soup) from the usual Zichar stall opposite her place. Dinner was satisfying for sure. It was an evening of eating and chatting with the kids running all over the place, snatching and fighting for toy and stuff. Haha… Well what do you expect when there are kids around… Guess the grandparents were the most tired at the end of the day! 🙂


There were fried ngoh hiong, wanton, fishball, prawn fritters, chicken wings, kiwi prawn with mayo sesame dressing, beehoon, curry vegetable and soup! Simply delicious! Okie I’m really missing these food now… right now!!! Boohoo…

My mom had prepared a table of mouthwatering food for our relatives and us on Sunday. It was definitely yummilicious! Really have to thank her for waking up very early in the morning, just to prepare for this dinner. My dad told me she started preparing at 5am! 🙂  She had invited my aunts and cousins to join us for this dinner over at her place too. Definitely going to miss them all and my mom’s cooking as well!



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