Changi City Point


Had a last catch up session(for the year) with my ex-colleagues at Changi City Point. Papa Yap accompanied us there so that he could help out with the duo while I chat with my friends. See how nice my hubby is! Heehee 😉 Brunch was at Eggs and Berries. For our first visit, Papa Yap and I agreed that the food quality was considerably good. Ambience was cosy and comfortable enough. However it was a little overpriced and the portion wasn’t exactly that huge as mentioned in the menu. I almost shared a platter with Papa Yap seeing the prints go “huge portion of…. blah blah…” haha…


kid’s meal






grilled chicken steak



Oops… I couldn’t recall all the name of these dishes!

After lunch, Papa Yap brought Darian and Cindy’s kiddos to The Petite Park, leaving us to chat over drinks. The kids definitely had a smashing fun time there. I think they were there for more than two hours. Needless to say, it was much more convenient for us without the kids. Kudos to Papa Yap! Heehee 😉


Lin with meimei


Min Song, Darian and Xiang Ting


Who doesn’t love ball pit?! heehee 😉


Playful boys!


It is always good to meet up with this group of ladies. Thank you for making time for this and will see you guys when we return next year! 🙂



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