Yam’s Kitchen

*** 2nd July***



Train ride at downtown east… Choo choo!

My sister and John gave us and our parents a treat at the Yam’s Kitchen, Downtown East. Unfortunately John was held up at work so we proceeded without him. Too bad he still had to pay for the meal though! Heehee 😉 Dinner was good. We were satisfied with the food though the fish wasn’t exactly very fresh but the assam curry was great! It definitely goes very well with rice. The hainanese pork chop was fried in ketchup which I don’t really fancy. The rest was great! I simply love eating Chinese food. Guess I am going to miss all these dishes in the States!


Salted egg prawns


Fish head curry


Sambal kangkong


hotplate beancurd


Fu yong omelette


Hainanese pork chop

Obviously there was no way that Darian wouldn’t pester us to bring him to the bowling alley, especially with the grandparents around. He must be mad happy when my dad gave him $12 for his bowling games.  But of course with us around, we only let him played 4 rounds ($8) before we left.





Anyway thank you sis and John for the meal! 🙂



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