Photo Shoot at BabyU


Earlier in June, we went to BabyU International Studio for a photo-shoot. It took us quite a while to decide on taking up the package as we felt that the package is rather costly with only a minimal number of concepts. It was only after many discussions with Papa Yap then we booked an appointment with them. It was indeed one great experience for us all! Most importantly we were extremely pleased with the end products! Even our families and friends. 🙂 Love it so much! ❤❤

In order to make sure that the kids would be more energized and cooperative for the shoot, I deliberately arranged for the afternoon session after the kids’ nap time. Contradictorily, taking Baby Dyann’s photo was very much easier compared to Darian. The Korean photographer was able to capture her smiles and expressions without any hassles. Unlike baby Dyann, Darian was throwing unnecessary tantrums at the beginning and it took us some time to get him started with his photo shoot. Argh… I must say the staffs there are really nice and patient with the kids. They even assured us that if Darian wasn’t ready for the shoot, we could always reschedule for another day. Seriously, we would definitely prefer to be done once and for all. Thank goodness somehow we managed to convince him to after much anger and tears. The whole process was surprisingly fast even with Darian being difficult and uncooperative at the start. We were there at 3.15pm and everything (including handling the very difficult Darian, changing of clothes and selecting the photos) ended at about 5pm. Nice!


















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