Trash pack at Downtown East

***14th June***





We were at Downtown East for lunch and happened to see the trash pack performance at the atrium. Darian had only wanted to watch the show. He refused to take a photo with the mascots as that they looked scary to him. Like monsters maybe? Haha 😉 After the show, we brought Darian to the bowling centre. He has been pestering us to bring him bowling the moment we set foot at Downtown East. Interestingly, he always ends with a ‘like a professional bowler’ pose. He bowls like as though he is some kind of kids bowling expert. And that really cracked us up. On the other hand, Papa Yap thought he was very observant. He must have observed how the adults bowl in order for him to display such actions. 🙂

We headed to Tampines 1 thereafter to get some stuff. Happy day for me to have gotten some random stuffs for myself and the kiddos. So we ended the day at my mom’s place together with John. Dinner as usual was good. 🙂



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