East Coast Park

***15th June***





In the evening, we drove down to East Coast Park to show our support for Project Bonafide Hearts’ event whereby Papa Yap’s uncle and family was managing a kiosk there. The girls were happy to see the kiddos and Darian had fun playing the water guns with his little aunts and some random kids there. Gotten some food and toys for Darian from the kiosk. We spent almost an hour there before going to Hougang 1 for dinner and grocery shopping. I do hope to participate in some form of charity works when the kids grow up. It will be meaningful.



Dinner was at Sakae sushi. Papa Yap is one salmon sashimi lover. Sashimi for me is a NONONO… I simply couldn’t swallow the raw fish. Ordered a kids’ meal for Darian and he only ate some rice, fries and a sausage. It is really difficult to bring him out for meals. We are trying our best to expose him to more variety of food but there are just too many food that he doesn’t like to eat. At the same time, he is not adventurous with trying out new food. We would have to force him to. Seriously this process is so so tiring and frustrating. I guess all we can do is to constantly encourage him to eat and introduce him to more. Hopefully he will get over this phase fast!



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