Sukching and Irwin Big day

8th June

Papa Yap’s cousin Sukching wedding day.


All ready to go for the tea ceremony


The cousins


With the pretty bride


Me, Sukching and Suklin


Meimei and her gugu Sukching

We reached Sukching’s house at about 10am for the tea ceremony. All of us were waiting for the bride and groom to come while Darian and his cousin Ryan were running and playing around the house. It really brought back some fond memories of my customary wedding day. Which was like 6 years ago. Time flies! Finally they reached about 11ish and the tea ceremony began. It was kind of weird to be served tea. Haha… I was telling Papa Yap that I cannot wait for my sister’s turn. Guess she still has a few more years to go. 😉 We only got home about 2pm and both the kids fell asleep until 4ish. They must be very tired.

Wedding dinner was at Bliss Garden, Singapore Expo Hall. We were seated in the ballroom for their solemnisation at about 6.30pm. After which we hang around the reception area and table for some photo taking. Suklin and I were rather disappointed that we didn’t manage to take any photos with the bride using our mobiles and I don’t even think I have any photos with the bride at all. So let’s just wait for the wedding album to be ready. Dinner was probably average but we did enjoy the dinner with the relatives though. They had also engaged singers to entertain the guests throughout the dinner which I thought was good. Anyway Irwin and Sukching love singing too! They even sang a duet during their second march in. 🙂


Papa Yap and I


Us with my parents in law and Baby Gillian


The groom and I


Darian getting his thumb print done


They have got singers in da house! Nice!


Our first wedding dinner as a family


With the bride and groom

Once again, congrats to Irwin and Sukching! Wishing you two a blissful marriage! See you guys after your Korea honeymoon! 😉



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