First of June

***1st June***

First of June was one busy day. Auntie Liew(my ex-colleague) invited us over to her place at 12pm to celebrate her birthday together with her family and friends. She had ordered mini buffet from Neogarden and Linda bought her a fruit cake. Had a catch up session with my close ex-colleagues. It is just how amazing that everyone in this group put in the effort to keep this friendship growing. They are all like mothers and elder sisters to me. I am truly happy that I have met such nice people in my life. Had a mini celebration with Auntie Liew. I am sure she was absolutely happy that day. Wishing her good health and happiness always! 🙂


Auntie Liew with her family and my boy



Auntie Liew’s place wasn’t too far from ours. It is just two junctions away. So after that I rushed home at 2pm to cook Cheese macaroni for a barbecue gathering session at Alvin’s place with the usual peeps. It was really nice of Alvin and his girlfriend Ann to prepare the food and engage a man to do the barbecuing for us. Seriously I bet no one wants to be standing in front of the grill for the whole evening. So the ‘satay man’ was really a good idea! heehee 😉 I am so glad that the guys love my cheese macaroni that they finished up everything. It has always been great to meet up with this bunch of old friends. I didn’t manage to really talk to them as Darian was unwell. Ann offered us to bring the kids up to their new renovated apartment as it would definitely be much more conducive for the two kiddos. So we obliged. And that was when the drama started… Just as we were relaxing at the sofa, Darian vomited on their new customised sofa after drinking a sip of Yakult. Oh my goodness… It was totally disastrous. Can you even imagine the mess, the smell… Horrible! Ann was very understanding and didn’t blame Darian at all. In fact, she was constantly assuring us that she is taking it really easy and we couldn’t blame Darian for vomiting as he very much couldn’t control it too. But still Papa Yap and I felt so so bad. This was also the time when you felt that Febreeze is indeed useful. Haha… We spent almost an hour taking turns to dry up the patch using the hair dryer and spraying Febreeze umpteen times on it. It didn’t really get rid of the smell so let’s just hope that the smell would be gone over the days. Then again, Darian looked much better after vomiting. He even insisted to be seated in Ann’s mini cooper before leaving. And of course, he did! Hahaha… 😉


Yuhan with Baby Dyann


The guys


Can never have a gathering without beers!


Darian in Ann’s mini

We were supposed to send my sister off at the airport at 8pm we didn’t manage to. She called and told me not to rush down, knowing that we were at Alvin’s place. And so we bid goodbye through the phone. boohoo… She was leaving to Scotland for 27 days. It’s almost like a month and we are going to miss her big time. Hope she enjoy her study trip and stay safe throughout. Counting down to seeing her on the 27th. Yes Papa Yap, the kids and I will be picking her from the airport for sure! 😉


My sis in Glasgow, Scotland



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