To the Zoo again

***31st May 13***

Darian loves going to the Zoo. Just the night before, he was so excited when I told him about going to the Zoo with the Lim family and my sister. Papa Yap couldn’t join us due to some last-minute administrative stuff. Boohoo… It didn’t really matter since my sister was coming along. But of course it would be much better if Papa Yap was around. So that morning, we took a cab down together to meet the Lim family. We reached there earlier for breakfast and happened to see the cute panda mascots. Took some cute photos with them! Awww… 🙂  We entered the Zoo about 11am. Weather was pretty warm but we definitely preferred it to a wet day. Managed to see quite a number of animals and watch two animal shows. The polar bear enclosure is now open. Over there you get to see the huge polar bear, wolverines and raccoon dogs. However this time we didn’t get the tickets to see the Pandas and Darian was a little disappointed. Lunch was at the Ah Meng restaurant. I have been to the zoo with Papa Yap for quite a number of times but this is my first time eating there. Usually we would just settle lunch at KFC and munch on some home packed snacks and fruits. I think food there is just so expensive and not tasty at all. Anyway it was all paid by my sis! And she was grumbling about how expensive the $7.50 fishball noodles is. Haha 😉

 Going to the Zoo with three young kids was really tiring! Luckily for me Baby Dyann had two naps and my sister was there to care for Darian which absolutely made it easier for me.  Mummy Jenny and Daddy Steven got to take turn to entertain little Pryde who only managed to sleep just before the end of the trip. I am very sure they will not be going to the Zoo until Pryde is older. Haha 😉





















Overall the zoo trip was pretty enjoyable but totally exhausting indeed. To make it worse my stomach flu worsen after I reached home. Or rather I should be thankful that it only reacted after I reached home. If not… I cannot imagine how… That night, Darian asked if we would be going to the Bird Park with Auntie Jenny, Uncle Steven and Baby Pryde. Haha. I bet Auntie Jenny’s answer will be, “No, not so soon!” Hahaha… 🙂 And of course a big thank you to Auntie Jenny and Uncle Steven for the free tickets and my awesome sister for accompanying us! 😉



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