Family gathering at my Aunt’s

***24th May 13***

It’s Vesak Day and we had organised a family gathering at my Da gu’s(my eldest aunt) house. It has always been great to see my relatives and cousins. In the past when my grandparents were still around, we would have frequent gathering sessions over the weekends. Somehow I really missed those days. I am sure my siblings and cousins feel the same way too. On that day, we had several chefs to prepare dinner for all of us. I didn’t have the time to cook so I bought roasted duck and meat over instead. Chef Hao Yee (my cousin) cooked black pepper crab, butter crab, salted egg crab, cereal prawns and salted egg prawns for us. Chef Sheila (my cousin) prepared clams in white wine. Chef Mike’s (my aunt’s hubs) lotus root soup and stir fried vegetables completed the dinner. Dinner was like a feast! Great! 🙂

It was an awesome evening of get together, good food and mahjong. Sounds like CNY eh. Haha… And Darian was extremely happy to go home with his new Power Ranger toys and T-shirt bought my aunt, his da gu por. He is really such a fortunate child loved by so many. Looking forward to the next one in June! Yay! 🙂


Satay for tea time


Clams in white wine


Butter Crabs


Salted egg prawns


Cereal prawns


Black pepper crabs


Roasted meat


Roasted duck


Darian with his da gu por


Ya the gamblers


New clothes for Darian


Another favourite




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