Our first family staycation

***20th May 13***





We had a marvellous 3 days stay at Resort World Sentosa, Festive hotel. We loved the room and there was a balcony as well. It is a family oriented designed room where there is plenty of sleeping space. Just nice for a small family like us. Other than the king sized bed, there was a loft bed and sofa bed too. Darian was so attracted to the loft bed.



He insisted to sleep on top on the first night but I was worried that he might fall off the bed in the middle of the night. So being a protective mommy, I decided to sleep with him on the loft bed. For the second night, I forced him to sleep on the bed with us as I felt it was rather warm on top.






The kids love the bathtub and enjoyed playing the bubbles so much. Darian would always request for a bubble bath during bath time. He simply enjoyed it so much! 🙂

It was indeed a great family bonding getaway for all of us. We did enjoy the staycation but Papa Yap and I were really tired to the max. Seriously cannot imagine if we were to go for a week overseas holiday with the kids. The packing alone will be one big headache for sure. Haha… Everytime we reached back to our hotel room after a long day, we still had to settle the kiddos before we could really sit back and relax. In fact we did not even have time for ourselves.  After shower, I continued to wash the kids’ bottles and prepared for the next day. Before I could finish my chores, Papa Yap was already in his dreamland…  Nonetheless we did have a wonderful family time together and I thought Darian was the happiest! 🙂


Happy us! 🙂



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