Papa Yap’s back

***18th May***


Photo credits: Darian Yap! 🙂

After a long month of absence, Papa Yap brought us to Marina Square for dinner. Had an early dinner at Putien Restaurant as we were very hungry. Oh yes I enjoyed eating at Putien. The food standard has been constant and is definitely to our liking. So we ordered the usual dishes and a seaweed with crabmeat&beancurd thick soup.


Our first time trying this and we think that it tastes good! 🙂


Braised pig intestine


Homemade beancurd – the only dish that Fussy eater Darian wants to eat!


Deep fried chicken with garlic


My two lovely prince and princess! ❤❤


A short while at the playground.


Darian loves piggyback!


Ninja Turtles are back in town. Guess I will be seeing Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael soon! Haha 😉

After dinner, we shopped around and got ourselves some random stuff.  Then we ended the night at Mcdonald’s. Tried the new Red Peri Scorcher burger and we find it tasty. Yup spicy enough for us! Anyway a big welcome back to our dearest Papa!❤



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