Mother’s Day 13

***12th May 13***

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂



Received my very first Mother’s Day card and an early greeting from Darian last Friday. Though it was just a simple card but it means a lot to me. Plenty of happiness and love. ❤

On Sunday early morning, while lazing on the bed with Darian, he gave me a hug and I asked him:

M: Darian do you have something to tell me? (seeing if he still remembers that today is mother’s day)

D: Yes!

M: Okie so what do you want to say?

D:Happy New Year Mama!

It was really hilarious. I burst out laughing. Wahaha… Anyway he still wish me Happy Mother’s Day thereafter. 🙂


I have not regretted becoming a homemaker after giving birth to Darian till now. In fact, I feel lucky enough to be a stay home mommy to my two beautiful kids. I love those moments where we just sit together having a cuddle with nothing to worry about. Having Darian telling me that he loves me. Getting to witness their every growth milestone and being there for them. Life is definitely not easy with Papa Yap as the sole bread-winner. Yet we are satisfied and contented with what we have. Yes I do agree to a certain extent that money can buy you happiness. But seriously I don’t have to spend such big money yet gain happiness. This is simplicity at its best. Having filial kids and a loving husband, everyday is Mother’s Day to me! And most importantly, Papa Yap thinks that I did a great job raising our kids and he is really proud of me! I am one happy mommy! Life is still good and beautiful being together with my loves! ❤

Oh by the way, exactly four days more to seeing Papa Yap! So happy! Counting down yay! 🙂



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