Mom’s 48

***5th May 13***

Had a mini birthday celebration for my mom at my place as they all wanted to make it convenient and easier for me with the two kiddos. Bought some dishes including salted egg crabs and chilli crabs, from a quite popular zichar store at Punggol Field but we were very disappointed with the taste. My mom can cook so much better alright… That’s just how disappointing it is. Nonetheless, I believed my mother is still happy to get a birthday treat from us and the birthday gift and cake as well.


Looks good but did not taste that good. The chilli crab gravy does not taste good at all. Taste rather weird in fact. The salted egg crabs were quite alright. The prawns used in the claypot beancurd and seafood were like over cooked until they were so soggy. The chicken wings and french beans just taste normal. Nothing to rave about. The best dish was the fried mee sua.


Fruit cake from Prima Deli


Happy 48th birthday to my mother.


The two lovely duo with their ah ma and ah gong.

So wishing my mom with good health, wealth and happiness always. 🙂



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