Overseas again: Week 2


On Tuesday ~ Sick but still so cheeky


On Wednesday ~ He hates the cooling adhesive to the max and I have to force it on him. He would cry bloody murder whenever he had to use it.

Alright Week 2 wasn’t exactly a pleasant one for sure. Darian was down with fever, sore throat and cough since the first day of the week. I brought him to Dr Ho on Tuesday morning and got his medicine. However, things got quite bad on Wednesday. Darian did not sleep well the night before and was totally listless, inactive and not eating at all (only drank like 540ml of milk). His temperature was constantly hovering between 38.3 to 39.2 which then hit 39.6 in the evening around 6pm. I got extremely worried and phoned my parents to come over and babysit Dyann so that I could carry Darian down to the clinic. He looked very sick and drowsy. While I was changing him, Darian began to cry saying that he is scared, he loves me, he wants me. I was really upset to hear that. He must be feeling very bad. With tears rolling down my cheeks, I hugged him and told him that I would be bringing him to the doctor as soon as ah ma and ah gong reached. At the same time reassuring him that he would be fine. After coming out of the bathroom, he saw meimei and started tearing again… “meimei I want you!” My gosh… Of course I teared again… I wondered why would a little boy say such things. He is really growing up.

Rushed him to the clinic only to realise that they were closed at 2pm. Usually they are opened daily even on public holidays. I suppose it was because of 1st May Labour Day. So we got home and prepared to head down to KKH instead. This time round, his temperature went down to 38.7. I had to tuck meimei to bed first as I expect it to be a long night at KKH. Thank goodness at about 9pm, his temperature had further dropped to 37.7. In the end, I decided not to send him to KKH and continue to monitor him.

Relieved to see that he is currently recovering well and his appetite improves. But I am not feeling too good. I am having flu with body aches right now. This seriously sucks… I missing Papa Yap quite terribly. Another 2 weeks to go! Hurry up!



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