Darian’s first field trip

***16th April 13***


Leaving for school

Darian went for the school fieldtrip to the Changi Airport with his teachers and classmates. It was his first experience and he was totally enthusiastic about it. I was actually a little skeptical about him participating in this fieldtrip although he was very keen. I wondered if he can follow instructions, not run around, walk together with his teachers and friends. I was worried. After much consideration, I agreed it is a good experience for him to learn to be independent, follow instructions and at the same time build up his social skills. And I believe that he will be fine under his teachers’ care. So I signed and paid for the fieldtrip. 🙂


Getting ready to go


The bus is here 🙂


Boarding the bus

The school bus was supposed to be back by 1pm but had only reached the school at 1.20pm. This 20 minutes wait somehow felt like 20 hours to me.  Haha… I began to get really anxious while waiting. So worried. Furthermore I was there 20 minutes earlier which added the wait to be 40 minute. Being a worrier, I can’t help to panick especially it was his first field trip. Papa Yap thought I was silly and laughed at me on the phone. Haha… I guess all mommies are the same while daddies are always the calm ones.

Anyway I was very glad that he came home sharing with me his fieldtrip experiences. He told me about taking the skytrain, visiting the three terminals, watching the aeroplanes at the viewing gallery, having his mcdonald lunch on the floor (and the way he told me about it was like he was forced to be seated on the floor to eat his food… haha so funny). It was indeed one great experience for him. He did enjoy himself and had a fantastic time with his friends. A happy Tuesday for a happy boy! 🙂





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