Picotin at Turf Club Rd

***7th April 13***

It has been quite some time since we last went to Picotin. It is really a nice place for a weekend breakfast and lunch together with family and friends. Nice ambience and good food. I didn’t manage to capture any photo of the food as by the time I took out my camera, everyone has started eating. Haha… That’s the cons of bulky camera. 😉 Anyway It is surely very nice of Jeff to give us a lunch treat at Picotin. The kids had fun playing around the place too. There were rabbits, pony and horse feeding activity to keep them busy. Darian wasn’t brave enough to feed the rabbits until Papa Yap stepped in to assure him that they are harmless. haha… Don’t even talk about the horse and pony. He didn’t even want to go near them. 😉 Was indeed a great Sunday brunch for us all. Thank you Jeff! 🙂


The 3 posers


The boys with Uncle Richard


Lovely meimei


Auntie Yanni carrying meimei


The boys at the rabbits hutch


Feeding time


Finally he dares to hold on to the carrot while the rabbit nibbles


At the stable




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