ABC 123




Darian has been learning how to write the letters and numbers since beginning of the year. As his fine motor skills improve, I am able to see the significant improvement in his writing and colouring. 🙂 Papa Yap and I are very happy. Actually I started writing with him in the first quarter of last year and it resulted in a lot of tears, anger and frustration for both of us. I was too impatient with him and insisted him to write when his fine motor skills was not even good enough yet. I had rush into things. I should be doing activities (like playing the play dough) with him that will enhance his fine motor skills instead of jumping straight into writing. After sometime, I decided to stop all writing activity as it was oblivious that he was not ready at all. And I knew that if I were to insist, it would just end up with adverse effect. I am glad I did the right choice. 🙂

Currently, he has learnt to write his name (he mastered writing ‘DARIAN’ in just a few sessions of copy writing. So proud of him), letters A to N and number 1 to 5. There are times when he will take initiative to do his writing pages himself. My boy is really growing up real fast. Love you Darian Yap 🙂



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