Nomnomnom Porridge Time

***30th march 13***


Introduced vegetable porridge to meimei and she enjoyed it. When I fed her the first spoon, she tasted and frowned. I thought she might not like it. After trying the second, third and fourth spoon, it eventually got better. At least, she did not reject the porridge and finished 3/4 of the porridge. It was a good start. So glad. 🙂



Basically, I used the ikan bilis soup to boil the rice together with variety of vegetables. I would usually use a combination of either potato, carrot, broccoli, pumpkin or spinach. Once the porridge is cooked, I blend it and is all ready to be served. Simple and healthy food for babies.


Porridge with potato, carrot and broccoli

As of now, she has already tasted porridge cooked using pork soup and threadfin fish in her vegetable porridge. So far so good. She finished up the porridge pretty fast. Don’t think that I will be giving her meat soon maybe until I see her teeth sprouting. Will explore other ingredients like tomato, beancurd, peas, corns instead.




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