Meimei first train ride

***26th March 13***





It is definitely one of a rare Tuesday that my sister is free in the late afternoon so we met up at CompassPoint mall for some shopping and early dinner. I brought the kids on a train ride from Punggol to Sengkang. Darian was excited when I told him about it. It has been quite a while since I last brought him on a train ride. It is actually very convenient for us that the LRT station is just few blocks away from our place. So we took the LRT, transferred to the MRT and reached SengKang pretty fast. Meimei was rather cooperative and curious at the same time. She was constantly looking around and holding on to the grap pole. Heehee… So adorable! 🙂



As usual Kiddy Palace is a must go place for Darian in the mall. Yiyi bought him another two Tomica cars there and he was very happy. Meimei got a toy from me too. And it is like the very first toy from me. 🙂 After shopping, we went to Soup Restaurant for our early dinner. Dinner was very good. We ordered our all time favourite – the samsui ginger chicken, stir fry bean sprouts and fish slices, and the claypot beancurd. We love the Samsui ginger chicken! It is really yummy. Wrapping the tender chicken with lettuce and eating it with plentiful of the ginger sauce, is indeed a great combination. So flavourful and refreshing. Marvellous 🙂


We got home with my favourite KOI milk tea about 7ish. Yiyi accompanied us back home and left only before the kids’ bedtime. Darling Darian was very happy to see Yiyi for sure!




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