Swimming time for Meimei

***23rd March 13***



Thanks to Mommy Jenny, we brought Meimei to Harbourfront BabySpa for a swim. 🙂 She did enjoy her dip in the tub and looked so relaxed floating around the big tub. There were two other kids in the tub with her and she did not seem to be bothered by it at all. Too occupied with her water toys. Haha 😉 Apparently she was the youngest yet biggest size baby among the three. One of the kid was Papa Yap’s friend’s daughter. We happened to bump into them in BabySpa. He was surprised that meimei was only 7mth plus considering her size. Heehee 😉 Shortly meimei started ‘singing’ in the tub. Singing as in making the ah… sound. And it got louder and louder until people around started to laugh. Haha… After the swim, she went into sleeping mode for an hour or so. Was a good swim after all. 🙂







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