Darian and his Ben 10

I cannot recall when did Darian started to like the cartoon Ben 10. I suppose it all started with him watching on YouTube and TV and not long after he began to collect the toy figurines. We were pretty amazed when he started naming the characters at the toy department stores. Quite impressive eh! That was also the reason why we allow him to get his first ben 10 figurine. 🙂  As you know when there is a first time, there will always be more. haha… And that explains all his collections. There was one day when we left him at my mom’s place while Papa Yap and I catch Ah boys to men 2 at Century Square, he was so happy that my aunt came by and bought him 8 Ben 10 figurines. To add on, conincidentally we also went back with 3 more. He was mad happy to have 11 new toy figurines on a same day!




Other than Ben 10 toys, he also likes Power Rangers, Marvel Superheros and Transformers. Boys are just boys… I guess I should be happy that he doesn’t go for Barbie dolls and fluffy toys right? Haha 😉



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