Nomnom time

Other than cereal, meimei has been eating fruit and vegetable puree as well. So far she has tried apple, banana,  sweet potato, pumpkin, potato, carrot and broccoli. She does not like eating apple, banana and sweet potato puree at all. I was totally surprised by it. I thought she would at least like the apple and banana. Haha… Darian loves eating banana! Each time after the second feed, she would continuously turn her head to her left and right. I suppose she is trying to tell me that she does not want to eat it. And it is almost impossible to force her to eat it. Well as for the rest, she is able to finish up all pretty fast. She loves eating her Heinz milk biscuits and baby milk ball biscuits during snack time. No fuss at all. Next, I will be introducing porridge to her soon. I wonder how will she reacts then. Heehee 😉


Sweet potato puree


Eating her carrot and potato puree


Messy time! 🙂



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