15years of love

***14th March 13***

Happy 15th Anniversary! ❤


Today marks our 9 years of courtship, 6 years of marriage and counting on. Woots! It has been a really wonderous 15 years. We have gone through many phases of life together, enjoying happy life moments and also overcoming obstacles hand in hand. I must say it has not been an easy journey but we are able to overcome it with each other’s love and support. I really want to thank Papa Yap who is always there for me when I need him (even when I don’t… haha). He is my pillar of strength for sure. The man who neutralises my ‘negativeness’ and builds my confidence over the years. The man who understands me so well and reads me like an open book.  You have been a great husband and father to the kids. We are indeed blessed to have you in our life. I love you and the kids love you as well! Happy 15th and forward looking to the many more to come. ❤


This year, because of the kiddos, we are not able to celebrate our anniversary according to our initial plan. Hopefully our post anniversary celebration plan will be successful. *cross fingers*. And I love my anniversary pressie. Totally awesome! It comes in really fantastic especially for the second half of the year. (Oh yesss… it’s going to be an exciting year for us!) Will use it to capture our family happy times. Thank you my love! ❤




Managed to surprise Papa Yap with homemade macaroni cheese and mango pudding, especially made with plentiful of love, and a cake in the evening. Heehee 😉 It was my first time cooking the macaroni cheese and it turns out very well. Similar to Auntie Flora’s(Papa yap’s first helper) cooking. So happy to see Papa Yap totally enjoying the meal. The surprise dinner was a delightful success! It does not matter even we are not celebrating this occasion at any fanciful restaurant. What matter most is that we are truly happy to be spending quality time together. Contented and blissful enough. 🙂




with love always…❤❤



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