Updates on the kiddos

***12 March 13***



It has been a week and meimei is recovering well from HFMD. All the blisters have dried up and the rashes are fading away. Her appetite is picking up as well. Right now, I am a little worried for Darian. Meimei seems to have passed the virus to him. Darian showed some symptoms of HFMD. He was having low-grade fever on both Saturday and Sunday nights. He vomited a few times as well. He was complaining about the pain in his mouth then we realised that he appeared to have a sore throat and an ulcer at the back of his throat. I saw three spots on his fingers, one on his wrist, one on his elbow and there were some rashes on his butt. But ironically there wasn’t any new spots thereafter. I really wonder if he has HFMD. We even gave my dad’s birthday dinner a miss on last Sunday. Well, I will continue to observe him and he is not attending school for the time being. We will continue to be home bound until this Friday.


Seriously enough of all this… I am really tired… Haha… Hopefully Darian will be free from this virus and can start playing with his meimei soon! I guess he misses sleeping on his bed very much. He has been asking to sleep in his room. Hey son, we can’t wait for you to be back in your room too alright! Heehee 😉



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