***5th March 13***


    My oh my meimei has HFMD! It was totally unexpected of when I first saw some rashes on her butt and legs on Monday night. It didn’t occur to us that she might be having HFMD. Even though she was having runny nose and fever. It was only until we brought her to Baby and Child on Tuesday evening to see Dr Ho and she diagnosed that meimei was having HFMD. My goodness!! We did not even know where she has gotten the virus from. How did she get infected?! Really have no idea… She has so many rashes covering her arms and legs, some blisters on her toes and fingers. And a few ulcers in her mouth. Her appetite decreases a little and she appears a little restless and grouchy. So upset to see her with that amount of rashes. Poor girl. Apparently there isn’t any medication for it. Usually the infected child will recover in one week to two weeks time. Hope she recovers real fast!





It is like one after another. Just ended with the Chicken pox episode and now we have the HFMD. Oh seriously! Why?! We are now praying hard that Darian does not get infected. He had just recovered from chicken pox last month and has been having cough and flu since last week. We have been reminding him not to get near to meimei and of course he is bunking in with us. He has been quite cooperative with us too. At the same time, he has to skip school because of meimei. Not again. His attendance has been real bad. haha what to do… Let’s get over this fast! Well we were actually planning for our anniversary celebration with the kids next week. But now we have to shelf the plan to probably end of March. Anyway we are still looking forward to it. Meimei get well soon! 🙂



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