Last day of Lunar New Year

***24th February 13***


CNY is celebrated for 15 days. During these 15 days, people will go around visiting their relatives and friends bringing along two mandarin oranges which symbolised good fortune. This year, it has been raining almost everyday. Hopefully the rain will wash away all the unhappiness and sorrows of life. Yeah! The last day of CNY is known as the Yuan Xiao Jie 元宵节. Usually on this day, sweet glutinous rice balls, tang yuan 汤圆, are eaten on this day, marking the end of CNY festivities. These round and sticky balls also symbolise family closeness and togetherness!


And so after dinner,  I started cooking the tang yuan 汤圆 at 8ish.  I bought the ready-made tang yuan from the supermarket as we were out the whole day and had only reached home about 7pm. It is really easy to prepare. I got it all done in about 20 minute time. All you need to do is to boil two pots of water, one for the tang yuan and the other for the sweet soup(using brown sugar and pandan leaves). Then serve the tang yuan in the sweet soup when they are cooked. That’s it!

May this year of Snake bring us the best of health, happiness and prosperity. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Huat ah! 🙂


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