Meimei’s first NomNom experience

***16th February***

Meimei has reached six months and it is time for her to try solid food. I had prepared the Healthy Time cereal for her and apparently she did not like the taste of it. She kept spitting out the cereal and that really made us all laughed. It was such an amusing sight. Sooo cute. After a while, Papa Yap reminded us not to laugh as she might spat it intentionally just for the cause and effect. Haha… 🙂

I think she may need a while to get used to the different texture and taste. I will continue to feed her for another two weeks or so. By then it will be obvious if she is adjusting to her new feeding routine or rejecting cereal. Next will be puree! 🙂


All getting ready to see meimei’s first eating expression 😉


Hmm what is this?


Wondering how does it taste like?


Trying a little


Hmmm… I don’t like it…


Finally it’s over! 😉



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