CNY with my ex-colleagues

***16th February 13***

It’s the annual CNY gathering at Auntie Liew’s place. Every year without fail, all of us will gather at Auntie Liew’s place during CNY. She will always prepare good food and her home-made yu sheng for us. I usually don’t eat yu sheng except for Auntie liew’s. She uses various shredded fruits, vegestables and abalone. Really taste good! Maybe next year I can try making this yu sheng for my family, relatives and friends too! 🙂


Cannot exactly remember the various ingredients Auntie had used. Gotta check with her. 😉


Another toss to a huat huat year!


Catch up session


The kids with Jovan 😉


Jovan wants a picture with meimei. Ya only meimei. haha…


Group photo of us. Aiya was too busy that I have totally forgotten to take a group photo earlier on when the others were still around.

So we left about 3.30pm, rushed back to prepare for another CNY open house in the evening for our friends.

Busy CNY but loving it! 🙂



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