CNY: Papa’s comds came to visit

***15th February 13***

It’s friday, the sixth day of CNY. We held a CNY open house at 7pm for Papa’s Yap subordinates. There were just so many guys in the house! Darian was happy to see them. Initially he had some reservations playing with them. After sometime he tried to pull a random guy that he had eyed on into his playroom. Then very soon he took out all his Nerf guns and played with them! My goodness, shooting the bullets all over the house… Haha… 🙂

Oh seriously, what is CNY without Blackjack? It’s like a must do activity during CNY! Heehee. 😉 While  half of the guys and Papa Yap were in ‘card battles’, the others were playing with Darian and watching some DVD movie. One of them bought along Yu Sheng and so they had a Lo Hei session before they left around 10.45pm.


First batch to arrive.


First group shot


Blackjack time


Some random shot


It’s the boys’ game.


And the boys were all happily playing the Nerf!


Papa Yap distributing red packets


Second group shot


Papa Yap Lo Hei with his comds. Huat ah!




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