CNY Day 2

***11th February 13***

Second day of CNY


Our pretty girl and handsome boy ❤


She looks so so sweet in this peter pan collar dress! Love it! ❤


Us on the second day! ❤

The second day of CNY was busier than the first day. There were actually five places to go to but we could only cover four places. We were like going all over Singapore. From Toa Payoh to Clementi to Woodland then to Simei! Phew! It’s going to be a crazily tiring day for our chauffeur Papa Yap! heehee 😉

1) First stop was at Aunt Elaine’s house. As usual, she prepared a sumptuous spread for all of us. Just like a feast! Her cooking was really superb! Love her fish maw soup. I can really drink a few bowls of that! 🙂 While I was indulging myself in a table of yummylicious food, Papa Yap was watching some chinese movie and meimei was being carried around until she fell asleep in Aunt AiLi’s arms. She must be real tired. And Darian was very busy playing with Aunt Elaine’s three daughters in the room. The girls were really nice to entertain him throughout our visit. As expected, Darian did not want to leave. Haha…


The second Lo Hei for the year


Uncle Jeffrey preparing the Lo Hei, saying all the auspicious phrases while adding each sauce and spice.


The boys waiting to Lo Hei


‘Couple’ wearing matching outfit! Pink top and white bottom. Heehee 😉


See the spread on the table!


Oh meimei is asleep


Darian with the girls


Everyone taking turns to take photo with Baby Dyann! 🙂

2) Second stop was over at Auntie Elaine’s. We rushed over for the lion dance performance and were lucky to reach there just in time for it. However, we were totally surprised that this time round, Darian was actually quite frightened to watch the lion dance. He was the one who wanted to watch the performance yet scared of it. How weird is that. So he covered his ears throughout the performance. After that, my sister and John brought him to the playground while we hang around at Auntie Elaine’s place.


Huat ah!


Lion Dancing on pole stands




So scared! 😉


Papa Yap and meimei


John, yiyi and Darian


My mom and meimei


Auntie Elaine carrying meimei


Papa Yap and gege

3) Reached JX’s place at about 4.45pm but most of our friends were not there yet. Hah as usual, they always have this ‘rubber band timing’! Ya these are our childhood/secondary school friends. We have known each other for more than a decade but their sense of punctuality never seem to improve as they grow older. Furthermore they are all singles okie! These guys… Then again, it is always fun to have them around and there is definitely alcohol in all gathering. They are like a bunch of hardcore alcoholic (except of 1 or 2). Haha… In the past I will join them in rounds of beer but now with kids I have to stay sober! 😉 JX had also prepared food for us. There were curry, fried beehoon, finger foods and porridge for Darian! How nice of JX’s gf to specially cook porridge for him! 🙂


Darian with Kenny


Jon carrying meimei


The guys doing their usual thing. Blackjack!


Lau carrying meimei while playing blackjack


Yuhan with meimei


Preparing the Yu Sheng


All ready to Lo Hei! Our third round!


Okie Lo Hei with them is forever super messy. They are like a bunch of kids, flinging the yu sheng around! Wahaha!


Slacking around


Cheers to our many many years of friendship. (missing out Alvin & Ann who left early for their Switzerland trip, Elliott who could only reach after 8pm, Kelvin who also left early to meet his gf)

4) Finally the last stop of the day – Richard’s house (gathering for Papa Yap’s OCS friends). The kids were sleeping soundly on their way from Woodlands to Simei. They were very tired after a long day out. We had only reached about 9pm. Over there, Darian has his friends to play with and plenty of goodies for him too. How can he not be happy. Haha… Sometimes I wonder where he gets those energy from. He seems fully energised after such a short nap. Hah kids!


Caleb and Darian! 🙂


All the guys!

We had only reached home at 12ish. Totally exhausted from the whole day out! Oh seriously house hopping with two kids is indeed very tiring! Nevertheless, we had a wondrous time meeting up with all our relatives and friends. Awesome CNY Day 2! Huat ah! 🙂



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