Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013

***10th February 13***

First day of CNY


Getting ready to go house visiting! Our two gorgeous babies in their Chinese costume. Meimei’s dress was bought by my sis. 🙂


Darian wishing Papa Yap Gong Xi Fa Cai


Taking the red packet from Papa


Meimei’s turn.


Oooo what’s this? 😉


Gorgeous us! ❤

This year Papa Yap suggested to wear chinese costume on the first day of CNY and I thought it was really a good idea. That was one of the reason why we went to Chinatown. We definitely looked great that day! 🙂

We have a total of three houses to visit that day. My parents’ followed by my parents in law’s and the last stop at my aunt’s place. So it is going to be like lunch, tea break and dinner.

Upon reaching my parents’ house, Darian asked for the soft jelly candy that he saw yesterday. He actually remembered that I promised him two today. Haha… And so I have to honour my promise. My mom cooked porridge for Darian and noodles with plenty of ingredients for us. We stayed around for an hour plus before going over to my parents in law’s place which was just a few blocks away. I had actually forgotten to take a photo of my parents with their grand children. Maybe the next time when we visit them again.


Meimei with jiujiu (my brother)


Little cool boy bai nian! 🙂

All the relatives were already there at my parents in law’s house. As expected Darian was busy playing with the grandaunts and aunts while Meimei was carried around and Papa Yap was playing card games with the cousins. I was like everywhere. Haha… It’s like a standard cny procedure for us. Thanks to Suklin who suggested to take a group photo. We have never done this before (not of I could recall). I suppose it is really good to take a group photo every year! 🙂 We stayed there for quite a while before heading to my dagu’s (eldest aunt) house.


Meimei with grandaunt Elaine


Papa Yap’s family


Papa Yap’s cousins (missing out his brother and family)


Gugu SukChing, Darian and Uncle Irwin


My parents in law with their two lovely grandchildren! 🙂


My sweet princess! ❤


Little Mister Cool ❤

Little Darian who insisted on bringing this Rayban shades everywhere he goes. Papa Yap and I were so worried that he might spoilt it. Heehee 😉

My parents, aunts, uncles and cousins all gathered at my eldest aunt’s house this year. Reached aunt’s place about 6.30pm and the steamboat dinner has already started. Everyone was like waiting for us or rather waiting to see the two kids. Haha 🙂 We had our first Lo Hei over there. May this lunar new year be a smooth sailing one for all. Of good health and wealth along with abundance of joy and happiness throughout. Huat ah! 🙂


Xiao gu por (youngest aunt) with Darian


My mom carrying meimei


Second steamboat


Our first Lo Hei of the year! Huat ah!


All good things come! Huat Ah!


My fourth uncle with meimei


My sis and little Mr Cool


Da gu por (eldest grand-aunt) with the kids


Fiona yiyi (my cousin) carrying Darian


Darian and Dyann


Er gu por (second grand-aunt), Darian, Darius (brother of my cousin’s gf)


Er gu por with Baby Dyann

And so we ended the day at 11pm. We were very tired after a long day out. Settled the kids and tucked them in bed before I could bath and sleep. It was a splendid first day of CNY with all our relatives! Darian surely had a whole load of fun going to all three places where he met all the relatives who dote on him so much! And also not forgetting all those goodies! This was definitely his very first time eating so many candies! He couldn’t resist the candies temptation and kept asking for more. I was literally counting the number of candies that popped into his mouth. Haha… CNY is like the only time where he has the luxury of going around eating junks! So for Darian, eating candies is much much happier than collecting red packets for sure. 🙂



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