Meimei is six months old


Our lovely princess has turned six months old. How fast it is. Oh seriously, she is growing so adorable and sweet each day. Like Darian, she is another little attention grabber, getting attention everywhere she goes. 🙂 Right now she is still learning how to sit. We had taken out the bumbo seat and jumperoo (both hand down from Darian) for her to use and she really looks adorable in them. And the jumperoo is undeniably useful. At least it could entertain her for about 30min or so while I have my meals, feed Darian, wash some dishes and even hang clothes… blah blah…  Just got to be fast before she starts crying. Heehee 😉






She has been very attached to me because I am her primary caregiver. It’s simply difficult for me to leave her for awhile. So I got to really plan my chores to suit her routine. Thank goodness Darian has been rather obedient and cooperative when we are handling Baby Dyann. If not… I think I will collapse. Haha….





See just how lovely she is. Totally melts our heart! Love you so much our dearest sweetheart!  ❤



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