Last minute CNY shopping

***4th February 13***

After being homebound for two weeks, we finally managed to go down town to get our Chinese New Year stuffs. We started our day having brekkie at Sengkang Sports Hall McDonalds then headed to Takashimaya. We were there since 11ish till 4pm so it is kind of expected that the parking would cost quite a bit. It is not possible for us to park elsewhere just for some cheaper parking rates when we have one toddler and a baby along with many shopping bags. Seriously, we would rather spent a little more to save all the hassles. Gotten some clothing, accessories and toys (ya toys again for the boy) from Takashimaya before we proceeded to our next destination.






Reached Chinatown and we parked at OG whereby the car has to be carried to the basement carpark in a car lift. Was an eye opener for Darian. Actually he was a little frightened. hahaa… For what I could recall, I have never visit Chinatown during CNY period before. Mainly because I dislike crowds and I don’t see a need to travel all the way there to get any CNY decorations and goodies when we can easily get from shophouses and supermarkets nearby. This year otherwise. I wanted to expose Darian to the year of Snake and soak in the atmosphere as well. Was quite a good experience for all of us and we did get some CNY decorations and chinese costumes for the boys too. 🙂 The only bad thing is that I have forgotten to bring the baby carrier. Pushing the pram through a jam-packed place is really tedious! We did not complete the busy stretch though. Got what we wanted and went to Chinatown point for our dinner. Dinner was at Ipoh Lou You Bean Sprouts Chicken. Well we think it is just some normal yet overpriced chicken rice. Nothing fantastic to talk about anyway.












 It was really one tiring yet well spent day! Got most of the things we wanted and some random stuffs too. Yes happiness! ❤





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