Goodbye Spots



Woohoo finally Darian has fully recovered from Chickenpox. Brought him to the doctor for a review and got the letter certifying that he has recovered from Chickenpox. Basically it is to show Darian’s teacher that he is all fit for school and not infectious anymore. Right now I am contemplating if I should bring Darian to school tomorrow or next week. As you know CNY is just a few days away and I really don’t wish that he catches any virus and falls sick again. Hmm… Shall decide later.

He is definitely happy that he has recovered. Really happy that he is able to play with meimei, touch her, hold her hands too. 🙂  For now, we are still observing Baby Dyann. Even the doctor says that it is too soon to determine now. We can only know after CNY. Everyday I will ‘scan’ through her body during bath time. I get a little worried on occasions when I see some little spots on her body. After close examines it turns out to be just rashes. Hah I am just being paranoid. Hopefully her antibodies are strong enough if not we will have to be confine at home for another two weeks again! *crossing our fingers*



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