The kids bedroom

The kids’ bedroom is all ready! We have gotten the pretty decals from Decorette Store and photo frames from Ikea to decorate the room. We took almost three hours (with many disruptions by the kids) to install the decals. I am sure that we could complete the task in less than 2 hours time without the kids. It is not that difficult after all. All you need are some masking tape, a pen knife and card to do the magic. Just have to be extra careful, slow and steady when pasting and peeling the decals and it will definitely be a job well done. 🙂




Papa Yap was really excited about doing up the kids’ bedroom. On the night after we received the decals, he insisted to install the decals while meimei was sleeping. I thought he was crazy! It was already 10pm and he was very persistent about it until meimei woke up! Arghh… After which I stopped him from continuing. Totally Insane! Haha…

We started our groom my room project at 11am and completed everything about 2pm. We were very satisfied with the end result! The room looks great with the decals. Loving it. Even Darian thinks that their bedroom looks good. Awesome! 🙂








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