Oh no Chickenpox

***21st Jan 13***


Darling Darian is down with Chickenpox! About 7pm, while I was bathing him, I noticed some spots on his body. Looking closely at those spots, it seems like chicken pox to me. I immediately rang up Papa Yap and he rushed back to bring him to the doctor. Papa Yap and Darian did not manage to reach Baby and Child Clinic in time. They were already closed. So Papa Yap brought him to the GP near our place instead. And the doctor confirmed that Darian is having Chickenpox. Boohoo! Seriously what a time to catch the virus! Chinese New Year is around the corner and we have yet to get our new clothing and goodies. Running out of time! But on a positive side note, luckily not at the time when I was pregnant, not when Baby Dyann is still a newborn. If not we will surely have a hard time. So perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. Hah!

Darian was surely feeling lethargic and feverish on the first few days. There were more spots on the second till the fifth day. After which I have not seen any new spots. He had spots all over his body from his scalp to his feet. Even his eyelid, mouth and penis. It really hurts to see him covered with blisters. 😦 The itch must be unbearable. Occasionally he would ask me “Who tickle me? Why Chickenpox so itchy?” Despite reminding him not to scratch the spots, he would still ‘secretly’ do so. And when I see it, he will tell me “No I not scratching. I sayang(stroking). See I sayang.” Haha just how funny he can be. He hates the calamine lotion. No idea why but each time I apply on his spots, he will start crying…

Another old wives tale saying that one must not consume beans, chicken, egg and dark sauce when having Chickenpox. If not the spot will become a dark scar. Well of course, there is no scientific evidence on that. But surely there is no harm following too. I think Darian misses eating chicken rice with EGG! wahaha 😉

We tried to minimise Darian’s contact with Baby Dyann. It has not been an easy task! Apparently Darian is rather upset that he cannot touch Baby Dyann and hold her hand as well. He even cried the other day when we reminded him not to get too close to his meimei. Nevertheless he is still one good brother. He will try his best not to go near her because he doesn’t want meimei to have Chickenpox too. 🙂 So now Baby Dyann is sleeping alone in their bedroom while Darian bunks in with us. I have not hug Darian for the longest time mainly because most of the time I have to carry and care for Baby Dyann. I am so gonna give him a big hug after he recovers! 😉 Basically after I touch, bath, clean Darian, I will have to sanitize my hands before carrying meimei. Didn’t want to spread the virus to her. If not it will be a stay home CNY for us this year. Anyway we will be avoiding crowded places, babies and preggies for the time being. As Baby Dyann may have caught the virus and it can take up to three weeks before the spots appear. *Crossing our fingers*

Thanks to Papa Yap who was around from Wednesday to Sunday to help around the house and give more attention to Darian. His presence definitely help as I was unwell and it did cheer the little boy up. Ever since the first day Darian contracted Chickenpox, our house smells of Dettol. Haha. Every night after the kids sleep, we will be mopping the floor with plenty of Dettol. Good enough to kill all the germs! Papa Yap and I will be cleaning up all the toys soon after Darian recover. Gosh! There are just too many to clean! 😉

Seriously can’t wait for this whole Chickenpox episode to end!





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