Life has been pretty routine since Darian started schooling and with Papa Yap back to his busy work schedule. Strangely, I have been feeling very tired ever since Darian started school. Have been so used to sleep till 8am yet waking up at 6.45 am during the weekdays now, totally shag me out. My body clock is still adapting! Now these days, I extremely look forward to weekend. I can at least minimally sleep for another hour (hopefully so). Learning to sleep early for me is never a successful story. The earliest I think was around 11.30pm… And that explains my super dark eye circles! Well it is definitely not because of the kids (they sleep early) but me myself. After the kids fall asleep, I will be busy doing some house chores… endless chores. Seriously what to do, I cannot go to sleep if the house is still in a mess (okay people might not even see it as mess) or when things are undone. Boohoo that’s me. Somehow Papa Yap also cannot stand messiness. Perhaps we are just too used to seeing things in order. 🙂


Darian in his Outdoor attire


After school! 🙂

This weekend is going to be a real boring one as Papa Yap will be having an outfield exercise. *Sigh* Nowadays, Darian will ask for Papa Yap. To the extend of insisting me calling Papa Yap. His favourite lines, “Why papa always work?” “Why always come back late?” “Why never come back?” “I want Papa to come back!” Haha…  Even if I were to explain about his work, he would still want Papa Yap to be back. Father and son love! Anyway my family will be coming over on Sunday to entertain Darian. Haha… Well well at least Darian is happy to have his yiyi and korkor coming over to play with him. 🙂

Just have to tell myself that life will be even better after his OC tour! At least he will not be so so busy. Haha… Enduring and forward-looking to the next half of the year! 😉



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