Groom my room – No more Co-sleeping

***3rd January 13***

Before – Playroom.


After – Sweet Dreams! 🙂



We did a transformation to Darian’s playroom. It is now converted into the kids’ bedroom and all the toys were shifted into the study room. Papa Yap and I feel that it is time to let Darian learn to sleep separately from us. We had it all planned. 2 weeks before, we started talking to him about getting him a bed, sleeping in his room with Baby Dyann (Yes meimei will be sleeping together) and buying him his favourite fitted bed sheets. We further created awareness by bringing him to purchase his bed and choosing his bed sheets. We got him an Angrybird Space and a Ben 10 fitted bed sheet set. Right after getting his bed sheets, he was really enthusiastic about sleeping on his bed and continuously asking about his bed. Quite a good start! 🙂


On the first night, Papa Yap and I were very glad that he did not reject sleeping on his bed. No fuss at all! However he took really long to sleep. Well on a positive note, at least he managed to doze off after an hour. Phew! In the middle of the night, he appeared three times sleeping next to me! Haha… I guess it will take some time for him to get used to sleeping away from me after all he has been sleeping with us since he was 1 year old. And he has this little habit of holding on to my thumb and rubbing it to sleep. He is actually able to differentiate between my thumb and others without looking at it. We have tried it before with Papa Yap, my sis and aunt. After rubbing, he would shove their hand away and search for mine instead. Yes, all this done with his eyes shut! Amazing eh! Haha 😉 We left both our bedroom doors ajar so that I could hear Baby Dyann’s cries and at the same time makes it easier for Darian if he wakes up in the middle of the night looking for me.

Things got better for the next few days. On the second night, he woke up twice and the third and fourth only once. This shows that he is adapting very well. Marking yet another milestone for both the kids! My Darling Darian has grown up so fast. He is now one big boy, big brother to meimei! Love him so so much!

Meanwhile we are still looking for pretty wall stickers/decals and photo frames to decorate their bedroom. We hope to get it all done by Chinese New Year! 🙂



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